A Permanent Mark: Agent Orange in America and Vietnam

In 1999, I watched my mother, Janet, become a bride for the second time in her life. In 2003, I watched her become a widow for the second time — because of Agent Orange.

My stepfather, Bob Macher, was a quiet, down-to-Earth man. He was a good mechanic, he loved to hunt, and he never had a negative thing to say about another human being. But he died from non-Hodgkins lymphoma, because he was exposed to Agent Orange decades earlier in the Vietnam War.

I decided to make a film about Bob. It bothered me that a kind, quiet, average guy could suffer this terrible fate and then just slip away without any public acknowledgment of what happened to him. As I embarked on making the film, I discovered there are many Bobs — hundreds of thousands of American veterans just like him. And there are even more Vietnamese people who have suffered the same fate, for the same reason.

I have put my heart and soul into this because it is important to me, to my family, and to so many other families. Now I need to complete the film and get it into the world, so it can raise awareness, influence policies, help people heal, and change the future.

Bob may be gone, but he is my muse. I’m going to finish A Permanent Mark to make sure Bob’s story and the greater story is told! I have met many more veterans and their family members through this process, and now I am telling their story, too. As my cousin, Erick, said to me, “Holly, you’re their voice now.”

I am completing a fine cut of the film NOW with a goal of distributing A Permanent Mark in 2016. I’m hard at work.

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Holly Million
Director, A Permanent Mark