June 28, 2019 — A Permanent Mark had its world premiere screening as part of the Veterans Stories United Traveling Film Festival at the Delancey Street Screening Room in San Francisco. The event was a great success with a very engaged audience and excellent discussion in the Q&A. A Permanent Mark screened with two shorter films by acclaimed filmmaker Frederick Marx. This screening kicks off the national screening tour for A Permanent Mark, which now has additional screenings in Dayton, OH in July 2019 and two screenings in Pittsburgh, PA in 2020. Many more screenings to come! We will post details here.

December 31, 2015 — Editors Mike Williams, Manuel Tsingaris, Chris Engle and I are working diligently to complete a fine cut of the film so we can have a festival premiere in early 2016. More details in early 2016.

June 11, 2014 — We are deep into the editing process for A Permanent Mark and are making lots of progress! Thanks for all your support!

October 7, 2013 — I would like to support the work of the Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial by promoting their efforts here.

AUGUST IS AGENT ORANGE AWARENESS MONTH: Agent Orange May Cause AML in Vietnam Veterans’ Children AT THIS LINK>>>
AGENT ORANGE VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL: AOVVM is an online memorial. A MEMORIAL TO OUR U.S. VETERANS LOST TO AGENT ORANGE: This page is a memorial of our veterans we loved & lost because of Agent Orange/Dioxin or physical & emotional wounds as a result of their service in Vietnam & to their country.
To honor your loved one lost to Agent Orange upload a picture to our wall. Make sure to include the veteran’s name; DOD; Branch of Service and any other service related info you have available to you; and any personal message you would like us to post.
HOW MANY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN HAVE BEEN LOST TO AGENT ORANGE?? We don’t know how many children of Vietnam veterans or grandchildren for that matter have died due to their veteran(s) parents exposure to Agent Orange. We may never know. Obviously no official list will ever be kept by our government. So it is a task that we will begin to undertake on our own. If you have lost a child and you think Agent Orange was the cause please upload a pic of your child to our facebook page, DOD, the veteran’s name, and any personal message you would like us to post.

~ Find us at our main facebook page Agent Orange Legacy
~ Like our new page Disabled Children of Vietnam Veterans
~ Join our closed support group for families of veterans exposed to Agent Orange:
~ Our Blog:
~ YouTube Channel:


October 3, 2013 — I would like to welcome all my new Facebook friends from Vietnam who are now following A Permanent Mark on Facebook.  “Dấu ấn lâu dài: Chất độc màu da cam tại Mỹ và Việt Nam” là bộ phim tài liệu phát sóng toàn nước Mỹ gắn câu chuyện những người Mỹ bị phơi nhiễm chất độc da cam với câu chuyện của những người Việt Nam hiện vẫn đang vật lộn vơi sloaij chất diệt cỏ độc hại này.

October 2, 2013 — While we continue to edit and work toward a fine-cut of A Permanent Mark, we have launched our effort to build a following for the film. Please follow us on Facebook and share the link to our page on your Facebook feed. Thanks for helping spread the word about the film and the important issues it deals with. We are on Facebook at

August 9, 2013 — First rough-cut done! A chorus of kudos goes to my editor, Michael V. Williams for taking it to this point. Thanks to my screening committee of Scott GracheffMichael A BehrensSoumyaa Kapil BehrensChris Million, and Jennifer M Kroot for taking a look and giving feedback. Can’t wait to give more updates!











May 29, 2013 — I am excited to welcome Susan Hammond to the Advisory Board for A Permanent Mark. She joins Raymond Telles and Hien Duc Do who have been advisors to the film since 2007. Susan is the director of the War Legacies Project, a not-for-profit organization based in Vermont that focuses on the long-term impacts of war to develop a fuller understanding of the costs of war, increase public understanding of these costs, foster public dialogue about the impacts of war and conduct programs that help mitigate the impacts of war at home and abroad. At the moment their main focus of work is addressing the long term health and environmental consequences of the use of Agent Orange and other herbicides during the Vietnam war. Much of their work focuses on the impacts of these herbicides in Vietnam. However, they also address their impacts on USveterans and veterans of the other ally forces and on communities where the herbicides were manufactured, stored and tested.  WLP also collaborates with the Legacies of War and other organizations working to raise awareness and encourage more humanitarian assistance for the on-going impacts of cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of the war. Thank you, Susan, for believing in this film for so many years and for helping us plan our nationwide screening tour and public outreach and education campaign!

January 23, 2013 — The editing of our full-length version of A Permanent Mark has just begun! I hope to have the film completed in 2013. Please stay tuned for more updates soon!

October 10, 2012 — Holly Million will be one of four Bay Area filmmakers appearing on a panel at Bay Area Women in Film and Media’s “Social Justice Documentary Showcase.” Other panelists include Christine Kwon, Tracey Quezda, and Laura Lukitsch. Moderated by Soumyaa Kapil Behrens. Filmmakers will present clips from their works in progress and have an open discussion about the issues they are trying to illuminate as well as the process of bringing a long-term documentary to completion.  The films cover social justice issues including Agent Orange in Vietnam, Community Leadership, Child Sexual Abuse and Sustainable Transportation. For more information, or to register, visit the BAWIFM website. 


October 4, 2012 — Holly Million presented at the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC) Leadership Acceleration Program (LeAP) in Washington, D.C. LeAP is a workshop and community to develop young leaders’ ideas for how synthetic biology can best advance along with their individual capacities to realize those ideas across diverse organizational contexts. The first class of twenty emerging leaders in synthetic biology gathered October 1-5, 2012 at Airlie Center, a beautiful venue just outside of DC. Participants learned from, and worked with, peers and guest experts across sectors involved in shaping biotechnology development. This first class worked together to create actionable plans for individually and collectively advancing synthetic biology for the public good. These plans will be shared with individuals and organizations who can help support and scale the plans beyond LeAP. Holly Million shared clips from “A Permanent Mark,” including never-before-seen edited footage from an interview she conducted with Dr. Arthur Galston, the scientist whose research led to the development of Agent Orange, and who personally got in the fight to stop the spraying once he realized what was going on. Holly says, “Being able to share pieces of my film with this group of emerging scientific leaders was a tremendous inspiration and it gives me hope that the future of science and technology will be brighter because of their passion, dedication, and conscientious effort.” More information about LeAP can be found at

February 15, 2012 — Holly Million is now editing the feature-length version of A Permanent Mark to prepare the documentary for release later in 2012. Additional funding is needed to support editing of the film and technical needs associated with preparing it for festival screening and television broadcast. Holly is also forming an advisory board representing experts on Agent Orange and veterans’ issues to support a successful, long-term community outreach campaign for the film. Holly says, “Getting people to see A Permanent Mark is my first goal, but that will not be enough to satisfy me. My goal is to use this film to empower the public to engage in dialogue with our government and industry about what is the appropriate use of science and technology, to ensure that we never make this mistake again.”

October 23, 2011A Permanent Mark director Holly Million appeared as a panelist at the “Make Agent Orange History Conference” at U.C. Berkeley on Saturday, October 29. Holly showed the new trailer for the documentary and described her reasons for making A Permanent Mark. The conference was co-sponsored by the Ford Foundation, Rotary Club of Berkeley, Rotary Club of Oakland, Rotary Club of San Francisco, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise, Rotary Peace Center, and Active Voice.